My Noggin Universe: A Writer's Realm of Wonders

Author Richard C. Meehan, Jr.


What's going to happen...

I've learned over the years that you never can tell what's going to happen at any given moment, even if you think you can. My day job entails selling janitorial supplies to industrial, commercial, and residential customers. What surprises most folks is when they discover that it takes a knowledgeable person to actually help provide the right types of products for their circumstances. If they become aware that I am also a writer, through perhaps reading my work in local papers or national trade magazines, I usually get the question, "How can a guy like you write so well?" This usually takes me by surprise no matter how many times I've heard the question.

 Why would it? I suppose it boils down to the old adage I was taught as a child: Don't judge a book by it's cover. Although I sell janitorial supplies, I did graduate with an Economics degree from a top institution, Wofford College. My love of reading, writing, and computers drove me to a regimen of continuing self-education.

The street runs both ways. I started in sales back in 1982. One day I happened to visit one of my regular church customers, an African-American custodian by the name of John. He was taking a break, sitting on a brick wall outside the church, soaking up the Fall sunshine. Something told me to sit down with him and take a breather myself. After a few pleasantries passed between us, John began to tell a story - an amazing life story. He was born in 1908, saw the painful side of the Great Depression, Served in WWII, held an M. A. in Government through the G.I. Bill. This man was far from the expected in his field of work. Turns out, he hated retirement, so instead served God by working for his church.

You already know the moral of this story: You never can tell...

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Power Dreams

Superpower Fort in the backyard tree,

Silly old cape hanging off of me.

Shrinking down like a tiny ant,

Stretching out like a rubber band.

Imagination like a speeding train,

Don't stop playing because of rain.

Flying off the ten-foot wall,

Finding out what it means to fall.

Skinned my elbow and my knee,

Breath completely knocked out of me.

A rude awakening to the Law of Gravity,

I don't suppose a Super-crook will be afraid of me.

-- by Richard C. Meehan, Jr.

Boy in Cape by Jim Johnson

Art by Jim Johnson