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Author Richard C. Meehan, Jr.

Fiction Writing

Fiction writing is my favorite thing to do. Unfortunately, it is the hardest for me to sell too. Uh-oh...I'm starting to rhyme. The folks below are the writers of Port Nowhere and The Thing in the Tub. They are talented, great people - and I was lucky enough to be one of 'em. ;-)

Mystic Toad Press 1995

Although we have each gone our separate ways now, my heart is with them still. Serious writers want to get their work in front of eyes. As you can see, these are serious writers:

Port Nowhere Cartoon
Art by Jim Johnson

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Port Nowhere Port Nowhere: Tales From the Edge of the Galaxy, currently available on Amazon, is a Mystic Toad Press publication. This sci-fi anthology is full of all the tech, strange creatures, and wit that sci-fi lovers have come to expect from the genre. The authors are K.G. McAbee, Richard C. Meehan, Jr., Diane Thompson, Steve Thompson, Jim Johnson, Elaine Corvidae, Charlotte Babb, and Christopher T. Wilkerson.
  "These authors have collaborated and the stories flow smoother than silk. If you enjoyed the Starport Canteen scene during the original Star Wars movie, then you will LOVE this novel. I cannot recommend this novel highly enough! Astounding!” ***** ~Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews.

Adobe PDF2004 - "Never Err With One's Air" © 2004 Richard C. Meehan, Jr.


The Thing in the Tub and Other Poems The Thing in the Tub and Other Poems , currently available on Amazon, is a Mystic Toad Press publication. Do you have a monster under your bed? Are there dinosaurs in your closet? Is there a space station in your backyard? Does your garden grow dragons and griffins? Does ice make you happy? Does your horse talk? Do you have super powers? Do your slugs get snail mail? Frantic frogs and six-year-old pirates, genius cows and sleepy monsters, great big feet and tiny fairies; you'll find these and other fun things in this great children's book.
  "A bushel of fun! A barrel of smiles! A ton of enjoyment, to last through the miles!" ***** ~Dr. Anita Price Davis, Co-author of Harriet Quimby: An Activity Book for Children and author of dozens of educational books for the classroom.

Adobe PDF2004 - "Power Dreams" © 2004 Richard C. Meehan, Jr.

The Thing in the Tub

Eppie 2005 Award Winner

Getting the opportunity to be included in an actual book is a real head-pumper! The writers that pulled this off worked like dogs, myself included. This was the first time my work appeared in a book. Mystic Toad Press entered "Tub" in the 2005 EPIC (Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition) contests for Best Cover Art and Best in Category ebook. It won both!

Ariana Best in Category Award