My Noggin Universe: A Writer's Realm of Wonders

Author Richard C. Meehan, Jr.

Notebook's End

Only one page left to write on,
soon to be filled with symbols.
Only one page left to write on,
soon to be filled with communication.
Only one page left to write on,
soon to be filled with thoughts.
Only one page left to write on,
soon to be filled with Hope’s Scratching's.
Only one page left to write on,
soon to be filled with Dreams.
The page is complete!

Notebook's End

Non-Fiction Anticlockwise

eClean Magazine

eClean Magazine eClean Magazine is the only magazine exclusively for the pressure washing and contract cleaning business owner. Inside you will find articles written for contractors, by contractors designed to help you grow your cleaning business. From residential and commercial cleaning, vehicle washing, kitchen exhaust, carpet cleaning, window cleaning and other specialty areas, you will find information in each issue on specific cleaning topics, as well as industry profiles, marketing and business management information, add-on services, safety, industry happenings and much, much more.

Adobe PDFAugust 2012 - "Concrete Cleaning Inside Out (Part One)"

Adobe PDFJuly 2012 - "Soap Is Not An Opera: How to by Cleaning Chemicals"


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Sanitary Maintenance Magazine

Sanitary Maintenance Magazine Sanitary Maintenance is Trade Press Publishing’s flagship magazine and the original publication of the janitorial supply industry. Since its launch in 1943, Sanitary Maintenance has become the leading magazine for distributors and wholesalers of sanitary supplies. Subscribers read Sanitary Maintenance for industry trends, marketing data and timely reporting on important issues. The magazine reaches every type of distributor active in the sanitary supply marketplace including janitorial, paper, foodservice, industrial and wholesale.

Adobe PDF1992 - "Increase Telephone Sales by Using a Touch of Southern Charm"

Adobe PDF1995 - "Repetition Builds Sales Effectiveness"

Adobe PDF1998 - "To Service Customers Properly, Don't Lose the Personal Touch"

Food Quality Magazine

Food Safety Professional Food Quality Magazine is the established authority in the market as the science-based news magazine focused on quality, assurance, safety, and security in the food and beverage industry. The Food Safety Professional is a periodic special edition of Food Quality Magazine. Originally circulated by Carpe Diem Communications, these products are now distributed by Wiley Periodicals, Inc., a Wiley Company.

Adobe PDF1994 - "Personnel Role In Sanitation"

Spartanburg Regional Business Report

Spartanburg Regional Business Report Spartanburg Regional Business Report, once owned and edited by Lana Turner, is now defunct. This publication was well-read by the business people of Spartanburg County. In fact, it was commonly thought that the Spartanburg Chamber of Commerce produced this paper. To correct this impression, I must say that Lana worked very hard to make SBR a special, quality local news source. From 1999 until 2004, I wrote a column called Biz Tips 101. Even today, people still walk up to me and ask what happened to it. I owe Lana a debt of gratitude for having faith in my work and passing along the comments, good and bad. After all, not every one agrees with an opinion columnist.

Adobe PDF1998 - "BIZ TIPS 101: It Sounds Good, But Is It Really?"

Southern Style News

Southern Style NewsSouthern Style News holds a special place in my heart.
Margaret A. Splawn, Editor
Although the newspaper is now defunct, former Editor/Owner Margaret A. Splawn took great pains to produce a quality publication. She gave me a shot very early in my writing career. Shortly thereafter, I became a regular columnist with a fantastic local following. From 1995 to 1999, I wrote "Gent's Corner" on subjects that I chose. Classic title, classic editor, and hopefully, classic penmanship - thanks forever, Margaret, for giving me a go!Gent's Corner

Adobe PDF1997 - "Spring Down Under"

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