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Memorabilia Rex

  • DSCF9636iiwmMy daughter in a tree.
  • durangofunny1Our 2009 family vacation in Durango, Colorado.
  • IMG_0146Indy Cat, named so for her habit of speeding through the house like Indiana Jones in the movie, "Raider's of the Lost Ark."
  • 869305492_100514-baccalaureate5884My son, Douglas Richard Meehan, makes the Baccalaureate Speech at Hargrave Military Academy in May 2010.
  • 869378542_100515-final-parade6028As the Adjutant Commander, my son leads the 2010 Graduation Drill at Hargrave Military Academy.
  • DougAward4My son receiving his high school diploma from Hargrave Military Academy
  • IMG_0159Richard Meehan and Larry Shull singing in ensemble.
  • IMG_0171Men's Ensemble of St. John's Lutheran Church
  • IMG_0176Richard Meehan at the Tank Museum in Danville, Virginia.
  • IMG_0191Richard Meehan in the Spartanburg Community Band
  • IMG_0303Richard Meehan at a picturesque Boothbay, Maine Lighthouse.
  • IMG_0307My wife, Renee, in Scuba Gear at Devil's Den, Florida.
  • IMG_0308My daughter, Kristy Meehan, also in Scuba Gear at Devil's Den, Florida.
  • IMG_0332Richard Meehan of the rocky beaches of Boothbay, Maine.
  • IMG_0335Olson House, Cushing, Maine, depicted in Andrew Wyeth's "Christina's World" watercolor painting and many other works.
  • IMG_0351My wife pretending to be Andrew Wyeth's "Christina."
  • IMG_0376Richard Meehan weighed down by the anchor at the docks in Portsmouth, Maine.
  • IMG_0483Richard Meehan's grandmother, Evelyn Boyette, deceased.
  • IMG_0501Blue Ridge Mountains
  • IMG_0503Mabry Mill
  • IMG_0673Capitol
  • IMG_0678Ceiling of Capitol Dome
  • IMG_0691Obamacare Protestors at the Capitol just before the Great Vote against the Will of the American people.
  • IMG_0695My friend, Larry Shull, observing the Obamacare protest.
  • IMG_0708Richard Meehan in National Garden
  • IMG_0775Santee Catfish - um, um, good!
  • IMG_0928My wife and daughter baking something good.
  • karatestudiorickandreneeRick and Renee with Rhonda Alexander, famous nationwide karate champion. She's our instructor.
  • marysplaceMary's Place, Roatan, Honduras
  • masterofthehouse1Best Bud Larry
  • Pa130060Richard Meehan at Boy Scout Woodbadge Training and Raining.
  • PB060011Man on the Moon - History.
  • PB060019Richard Meehan and a real space suit.
  • RaggedyAnn3Renee as Raggedy Ann on Halloween.
  • rick6yearsoldRichard Meehan at age six. Isn't he so cute?
  • rickmotorcycleRichard Meehan loves to ride his motorcycle.
  • RickroatanRichard Meehan in Roatan, Honduras, preparing to scuba dive.
  • snow2-2010A rare snow in Spartanburg, SC, home of Richard Meehan and family.
  • The ManRichard Meehan driving the Swamp Boat.

Memories rule! That's what the title of this page means. We are what we are because of our memories. Memories are not to be confused with experiences. Experiences become memories after our thought processes have parsed the data gained from those experiences. What makes us who we are is not simply based on what we have done in the past. Things happen to us, good and bad, and we learn from these experiences. We are event-driven creatures. Our ability to remember events, and to parse the happenings through our thought processes - that's what gets retained in our memories. We view the world through our memories of events that become internalized as experiences, thus, our memories define us.

Photography is one of my passions. Each of the pictures in the slideshow above holds significant value to me. Over time, memories tend to not just fade, but become different than the past reality. Photographs bring back memories of those precise moments in our past - along with much of the thoughts, feelings, and conversation from the experience.

Writing a story is in many ways like viewing a photograph. There is a beginning subject, an event to talk about, and a conclusion drawn from the experience. The old adage, "a picture is worth a thousand words," may be true. However, I believe a thousand words can convey far more than just a picture. Who was the subject? What was the subject doing? When did the subject have the experience? Where was the subject at the time? Why was the subject there? How did the subject change from the experience? These are the types of questions that must be answered before the full story can be known. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a thousand words can be worth story!


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