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Ten Traits of a Man

#1 - RESERVED VIOLENCE - A man resorts to violence only if there is no other way. A barbarian resorts to violence because it makes him feel like a man.

#2 - RESPONSIBILITY - A man takes responsibility for his actions. If he does wrong, he takes his punishment. If he does right, he accepts his reward. A barbarian does what he pleases regardless of the harm to others. He expects a reward.

#3 - STANDS FOR BELIEFS -A man stands for what he believes is right. A barbarian believes in nothing beyond achieving his own gratification.

#4 - RECOGNIZES IGNORANCE - A man recognizes ignorance in himself and strives to excise it through constant learning.  A barbarian cannot see his own ignorance through his veil of “manhood.”

#5 - SACRIFICES - A man knows when to make sacrifices for what he believes. A barbarian will sacrifice everything for a moment of pleasure.

#6 - COMPLAINTS - A man will not complain about his lot in life.  A barbarian rails about every transgression, real or imagined, simply to salve his feelings of inadequacy.

#7 - HONESTY - A man tells the truth and accepts the consequences. A barbarian lies on a whim to save himself from exposing his unmanliness.

#8 - INTEGRITY - A man always does what he says. A barbarian always does what he pleases.

#9 - INDEBTEDNESS - A man repays his debts no matter how long it takes. A barbarian expects welfare with no intent of ever repaying anything.

#10 - STEADFASTNESS - A man will hold his ground in the face of the gale until it bends him, but never allows it to break him. A barbarian is like the gale -- blowing uncontrollably -- without purpose.

Ten Traits of a Man



Richard C. Meehan, Jr. is a freelance writer from Spartanburg, South Carolina. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Wofford College in 1982. Since 1982, he has worked for Marko, Inc., his family-owned janitorial supply company, as Vice President. His duties include comptroller, sales and marketing director, and other managerial responsibilities. To assist his freelance writing sales, Richard also designed My Noggin Universe website and blog. In 2016, he also formed a new writing/publishing LLC with two partners: Carolina Fiction Factory.

Publishing Summary

Sanitary Maintenance Magazine 1994-1999. National trade magazine.

Food Quality Magazine - 2003. National trade magazine.

Southern Style News, from 1995 until 1999, a monthly column entitled "Gent's Corner" about things of concern to the author. Readership of 15,000.

Spartanburg Regional Business Report, from March, 1999 until August, 2004, a monthly column on subjects related to local business and general product sales. Readership of 15,000.

The Visitor, monthly publication for St. John's Lutheran Church of Spartanburg, SC, on subjects pertaining to faith. Richard has published articles in this publication periodically since 1992. Readership of 800.

eClean Magazine - 2012 until. National trade magazine. Monthly article.
• "Soap Is Not An Opera: How to Buy Cleaning Chemicals (Part One)" - August, 2012

Marko Shopping Cart Website
• Designer and webmaster from 2001 to present.

Community Service Record

Founding member and first president of the Spartanburg Community Band, Richard still serves as at-large Public Relations Officer for the symphonic group. The band is dedicated to providing free concerts to the general public and a rich musical experience for its fifty-plus members. It was formed in 1996 in an effort to bring concert band music to the Upstate of South Carolina.

Boy Scout leader in various capacities over a course of thirty years.


Wofford College
Spartanburg, South Carolina
B. A. in Economics

Minor studies included English and Religion.


Web Design, writing, sales, MS Office, management.

Hobbies and Interests

Writing science fiction stories, scuba diving, woodworking, martial arts, jogging, racquetball, farming, computer-aided graphics design, computers, hunting, fishing, travel, saxophonist, pianist, and percussionist.

References available upon request.

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Ode From a Janitor

Mop bucket, slop bucket raunchy and tall,

Squeeze 'um, please 'um one and all.

From twelve ounce rayon to cotton thirty-two,

I know you'll finish the job with little ado.

How dare the white collars say otherwise;

they don't know their gall,

And if I had my way I'd slap 'um against a wall.

Since when have high-brows ever wrung a  mop;

since when have they ever cleaned up?

Alas, it is your lot to take abuse,

so I will stop now being obtuse.

But before I go, I must finish my say:

you who do not clean for a living should be a little more forgiving,

'cause the one who slings the mop is no fop.

He knows the secrets from the waste cans all,

and doesn't hesitate to pass the ball.

Janitor Relief

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